Curriculum Vitae and Training

Curriculum Vitae DI Dr. Heinz Stanek, MBA

  • Since 2009: stancon — A Passion for Innovation:
    Chief Executive Officer

    „stancon - A Passion for Innovation“ stands for innovative business models and complex, comprehensive technological solutions – always at the service and in the interest of the most recent, also digital, challenges in a wide range of areas of competencies – taking into account economic, scientific and international aspects.

  • Since 2009: DK Vermessungsservice ZT – GmbH:
    Plant and Industrial Surveying
  • Lecturer/Associate Professor at the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences, Villach, on geographic information, geo data Analysis and data quality/GIS

    • Sensor systems
    • Selected fields of geo data analysis
    • Sensor technologies (in English)
  • Since 2010: Innovation Platform
  • Meixner Consulting Engineers: International Projects
    Abu Dhabi/ Emirates: „Property Management – Plot Survey Consultancy Project“
  • Vermessung Schmid - Angelika Schiller Vienna/Klosterneuburg:
    Strategic Organization and Management of „Laser Scanning and Innovative Fields of Business“
  • Scan4tech: Managing Director (CEO)
  • InsDOM – Institute for Domain Modelling – Switzerland/Canada:
    Director and Delegate
  • GGI ZT GmbH (Geo information Group):
    Managing Director
  • Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien)/ Institute of National Land Survey:
    Research Assistant, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor
  • University Lecturer/Vienna University of Technology
  • Speaker, University Course of Technology and Law in Property Management
  • Course Lecturer/ “Laser Scanning” – Vienna University of Technology


Executive MBA (English) – Financial Thesis “Spatial Location Content Services – Providing Information for Location Based Services – a Business Plan”
1998 – 1999
General Management Training: “Technical Business Administrator”
Certificate of Qualification as “Engineering Consultant on Surveying”
Certificate of Qualification as a Civil Engineer
Ph.D., Department of Technology and Science, University of Technology, Vienna (TU — Wien)
Austrian Armed Forces – military service
M.Sc. (Dipl. Ing.) in Surveying
University studies in Surveying at the Vienna University of Technology
1975 – 1976
Studies in Electrical Engineering at the Vienna University of Technology
Graduation from “Mathematisches Realgymnasium” (Austrian high school with a focus on science)